Quick Prices

Major Web Design Llantwit Major Cowbridge Designer

A website will cost from as little as £250 to create i.e. design

In addition, annual website management and hosting will be a maximum of £250 – Every website needs a hosting company, domain name renewal, maintenance. This isn’t a hidden cost, but many advertised web designers will not point this fact out initially. Think of your website as an important ’employee’ of your business or organisation. It is a small cost to pay when the website is a showcase for your business and does everything from market your business, sell products and/or keep people up-to-date with the daily and weekly news and offers within your business.

For a straightforward website:

Simple Price Structure

Hosting 120.00
Software/Licences/Plugins/Themes 60.00
email Mailbox/Domain Name 70.00
'Labour' 250.00

Website Build:£250 – Annual Costs:£250 – Total:£500 first year, £250 each future year.

These prices can vary. For example, hosting can be lower if you don’t choose to host individually i.e. have your own hosting package. It can be as little as £5 per month. Also, some websites do not need the use of plugins etc and therefore can be around £30. Therefore, a website could cost around £250 for design and £105 per year for hosting etc.

Major Web Design Llantwit Major Cowbridge Designer

Nobody can build a website for £50.

Major Web Design Llantwit Major Cowbridge Designer