Website Audit

Website Audit


Website Audit

A comprehensive audit is the first step in any successful web project. Major Web Design assesses the strengths and weaknesses of your current site, so we can get rid of the weaknesses.

The website audit looks at your:

  • Goals
  • Design
  • Analytics
  • Content
  • Technology

We find what can be done better, and make that part of our design.


Understand your visitors, where they come from and how they navigate your site. Learn how to boost traffic and conversions.

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Confirm your business goals

Your site is your first impression. It should be aligned with every aspect of your overall strategy.

Major Web Design is your partner, and will make sure we understand everything your organization wants to achieve. Then we’ll use that knowledge to assess your existing site and make recommendations to improve it.

Analytics Audit

Confirm Google Analytics and Tag Manager are set up properly

Knowing what works on your site, and what doesn’t, can help with both search and conversion optimisation. Major Web Design use Analytics to find everything from which pages are visited, how long people stay, where they are coming from, on-site behavior and more.

This allows us to fix what isn’t working and further promote what is. Analytics are the key to improving your site, and they are at the core of everything we do.

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Design Audit

Assess usability, brand and visual elements

How your visitors get through your site matters as much as getting to your site. We review the user experience of your site, focusing on:

  • ease of navigation
  • ability to answer questions
  • paths toward conversion

We’ll also recommend ways to enhance your brand online.

Content Audit

Do the words and images support the page goals?

Major Web Design will review top level pages. We’ll ensure proper keyword placement across headers and assess supporting images and videos.

We’ll also suggest ways to improve your content, like adding social proof or replacing stock photography.

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Technical Audit

How well does your site function?

How well does your content management system work? Can people get on your site easily? Are there long lag times? All of these things matter, every day and over the life of your site.

We’ll review critical performance information like how fast your site loads, link and URL structure and quality of backlinks.

It isn’t enough for your site to look good, it also has to function well. We’ll help you understand what works, what doesn’t work and how to improve.